Possibly my best run yet

Felt great going for my run this morning and I think it’s the longest fastest training run I’ve done. Unfortunately there are two reasons I don’t know for sure.

I have this great little gps speedometer on my phone (it’s a free program from here), but the phone sometimes struggles to run it properly at the same time as I’m listening to music on my bluetooth headphones. According to my speedometer the first half of my run was 15 km at 15 km/h. This would be an unbelievably fantastic run for me, and because I’ve cycled the route before I’m pretty sure it was only 13km at the most – maybe only 12.5. Still anything above 12km in an hour is a really good run for me so I’m pleased.

The other thing which muddies the waters (no pun intended), when it comes to this run is that I had to take a toilet break on the way back. Always a problem when you forget to go before a big run!

So I think altogether I probably ran 25-26km in about 2hrs 10min, including toilet break And I’ve pulled up pretty well. Knees are a bit sore – but not getting worse, and it’s slightly sore under my left foot but that’s come and gone before.

I’ll probably try and take it easy on my next run on Monday. Apparently one of the big problems in Marathon training is ‘overtraining’ where you push it to hard and injure yourself, but first time round it’s hard to tell what is good solid training and what is over training.

The other thing I’ll try and do at some stage is post some of my running routes. My Gps program can plot them on google maps, which I don’t find particularly useful, but I do find fun.

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