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Christians and Culture

Just been having a discussion with Simone about this little offering from a ‘worship’ leader in the US. It’s a cringy take off of Leonard Cohen’s song Hallelujah. And it raises the question, is it a sin to lack cultural … Continue reading

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Running Diary

Ran 62 km in total last week. On Saturday I did 29 km in 2hr35min. I have to admit that somewhere after the 2 hour mark I did ask myself for the first time ‘why the heck do you want … Continue reading

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Missiological or personal preference: Why do contemporary church?

Is Contemporary really more Missional when it comes to church, or at least is the primary motivator in changing to a contemporary style of church missiological? That is the question raised by Michael Jensen at The Blogging Parson, who has … Continue reading

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Christian ethics and public policy

I really appreciated Philip Jensen’s contribution to the abortion debate which appeared recently in the smh. He doesn’t shy away from calling it a matter of life and death, and the taking of human life. But he also does what … Continue reading

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Who am I voting for

I’d love to tell you – but unfortunately since I think it’s not a gospel issue at this time I’m going to keep it to myself. It would be a shame if anyone wrote off the Gospel because a minister … Continue reading

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Training is working

This morning’s run 26km. 2hrs10mins. And I was able to stand up comfortably to take a wedding service this afternoon. Another 1:30mins of running and I’ve done my marathon.

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Connect, Engage, Love, Tell

Seems you can’t have a blog post about church planting without a quote from someone, so here’s a nice one from Al Stewart about the core message from the Acts 29 church planting conference: …the message from over here is … Continue reading

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Another quote from Instruments in the Redeemers Hands

I’m still slowly working my way through the book on personal ministry ‘Instruments in the Redeemers Hands’ by Paul David Tripp and I’m finding it thought provoking and I’m already finding a positive impact on my personal ministry. Here is … Continue reading

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Gambling on Good Friday

Heard Tim Costello (head of World Vision) on the radio this afternoon attacking the decision to allow TAB’s to open on Good Friday in New South Wales and Victoria. His argument was that it is important for our society to … Continue reading

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Time trial

Ran a 3km time trial this morning. Had to get up before Simone went to the gym, so it was pretty early – lots of time to write blog posts after I got back:0 My time was 11:50, which leaves … Continue reading

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