Preparation and pastoral ministry

Great quote from the book ‘Instruments in the redeemers Hands’ by Paul Tripp.

‘If you were asked to teach a Sunday school lesson, preach a sermon, or lead a Bible study, you would immediately ask yourself, “Do I have the time I need to prepare?” Yet often we respond to [the pastoral concerns of] our neighbor, golfing buddy, or church volunteer with little preparation, reflection, or prayer. Why do we spend hours preparing to teach while we offer important personal direction without a second thought?’

I’d have to say I’m guilty as charged! For some reason I assume personal ministry will just come naturally on the spot – and I feel discouraged when it doesn’t.

I know some people do just have great people skills and personal insight and can do this stuff off the cuff. But I think my preparation for pastoring should be more like my preparation for preaching.

Anyone got any good tips for preparing for pastoral conversations?

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