Nerdy post

Ok, I know this is a bit nerdy, but I like playing round with my phone (which for those that care is a dopod d810 running windows mobile 6).

My top 3 applications at the moment are:
point ui home2– The normal windows mobile interface is quite ugly, and has extremely small buttons so you can’t just use your fingers on the screen. Point ui is a finger friendly interface (more in the iphone style) to help you manage your data, diary, messages and applications. It’s free, and I’ve found it easy to use. There is also a good community who are writing applets to help extend the features.

gps cycle computer – another free program, this one logs your cycling or running using the phone’s gps. The writer has been busy over the last month or two and has been adding all kinds of extra features, including live mapping, where your phone will upload your details to a website and people can follow your progress online.

Olivetree Bible Reader. This one costs, but I think it’s a good investment. The English Bible reader is pretty standard with plenty of versions available – I got the esv because it was cheap. The thing I really like though, is the ‘Gramcord lite’ version of the Greek New Testament you can get. It’s great for reading a bit of Greek on the go, or for checking a translation issue when you don’t have a Greek NT and/or lexicon handy. I suppose it could make you lazy, but for me even lazy Greek is better than the alternative – no greek!

I’ve got a few other applications I’m keen on as well – but they can wait for another post.

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