Door Knocking

On Saturday we did some door-knocking for the first time since I’ve been at Clayfield. Our aim was to invite people to ‘Open Church’ services which we are holding next Sunday, and the three pairs who participated received a very good response.

Everyone knew of the church (we did two streets right next to the church building), with some having visited or attended in the past. Some people of course were not at all interested – although no one was rude. Most people were happy to be invited, although not indicating they would attend. And 4 or 5 people were very interested and indicated that they might well come along.

It remains to be seen whether anyone actually turns up on Sunday. But it certainly gives us something to thank God for and pray for. It has also convinced me that doorknocking has an ongoing place in our churches mission efforts.

I should mention the helpful advice I found in some old posts at Craig’s blog and at Sydney Anglicans Website.

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