Musical Injuries

Mmm – Went for a pretty good 1hr25min run this afternoon. The hip’s feeling good. But now I’ve got a sore foot!

I’ve got two new albums on my phone which helped to dull the throbbing of my foot during my run this afternoon. The new Garage Hymnal album is generally well produced and an enjoyable listen.

The other album is called Mixing Metaphors by an independent US band called the Dailies. I really enjoy the album as a whole, but there are two songs I particularly like.

“A Soveriegn Nation Sleeps Beside Me” (you can listen to a demo version here). You wouldn’t think international diplomacy would make a great metaphor for relating in marriage – but it’s really really good. Poignant and thoughtful. The other song I like on the album is “She Goes“. It’s a fun kind of song and I feel like I can relate to exactly what it’s saying.

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