Polemical Hymns!

Doing some background reading for my sermon this week on Jonathan Edwards and I came across a new idea (well new for me anyway) – polemical hymns. Here’s a classic from Charles Wesley about the Calvinist doctrine of the decrees of God.

Still shall the Hellish doctrine stand?
And Thee for its dire Author claim?
No – let it sink at thy Command
Down to the Pit from whence it came.

I can’t understand why no one’s done a modern tune for this one. It’d have to be a hit right up there with ‘Before the Throne of God Above’….

I should be fair and note that Wesley was not alone. Angus Toplady, of ‘Rock of Ages’ fame was a strong Calvinist and wrote some equally combative hymns about Arminianism.

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One Response to Polemical Hymns!

  1. gjware says:

    The spirit lives on.
    I take it you’re aware of “It’s Prophecied” which was doing the rounds last week.
    Catchy little number.

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