Total Church

Well, one more post before the end of the year. I’ve been reading the book ‘Total Church’ by Tim Chester and Steve Timmis, and I’ve found it challenging. The key point they make is that gospel and community are the two central features of Church. I think they are basically correct in what they argue for – they have a great Biblical definition of ‘gospel centred’ and ‘community centred’.

Our church’s vision statement is pretty much saying exactly the same thing as we are aiming to be a ‘loving christ centred community’ but I’m not sure we always do a great job of the community side of things. Chester and Timmis have a great quote about how to help your church become community centred. They say:
‘If you warm to this vision of Christian community then start where you are. Sell the vision by modelling the vision. Don’t become a pain to your existing congregation, telling them everything they are doing is wrong. Become a blessing by offering hospitality, showing practical care, dropping in on people. Create around you a group of Christians who will share their lives and encourage one another in the faith.’

I’m currently looking at our church calendar for 2010 and at this stage modelling and facilitating community is one of the big aims I have for the year.

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