Bizarre Swimming Experience

Went and did some laps this afternoon and had a very strange experience at the pool. When I got out my eyesight was completely blurry – so much so that I could hardly even find my way over to where my towel and gear was. Even after I blinked and washed them out with water and got some saline solution from the pool staff it was still like there was a thick mist over them – driving home was a bit of an adventure. Even now, 2 and a half hours later the computer screen is blurry as I write this.

I’ve had stinging eyes before after the chlorine (and my eyes certainly aren’t feeling great at the moment!), but the whole blurry thing was something else. The pool staff reckon there was nothing wrong with the chlorine levels in the pool, so maybe my eyes were just being strange. Anyone else had that experience before?

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