5 things I like about my new HTC Magic

I got a new mobile phone about 10 days ago. I t’s a HTC Magic that runs on the google Android operating system. Here are 5 things I like about it:
1.The screen is great (3.2″) Not quite as good as the iphone’s (3.5″), but soo much better than my old dopod (2.8″).

2. It is finger friendly. With my old phone there were lots of little buttons on the screen you couldn’t push without a stylus. This phone is ask finger sized buttons.

3. Widgets. This is the big difference between Android and the iphone; instead of just putting buttons on your
home screen, you can put widgets like clocks, agendas from your calendar, or facebook updates.

4. The app store. There are 10000 little programs you can put on your phone. Lots of them are free, and some of them are very cool. My favorites so far are a blog reader that syncs with google reader,a free sudoku game, and my bible reader (although sadly my greek bible from my old phone doesn’t work).

5. It’s cheap! costing me less than my old phone, and way less than an iphone.

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4 Responses to 5 things I like about my new HTC Magic

  1. Anthony Douglas says:

    So, now that you’ve had it for a few months (and, more to the point, now that I’m thinking about getting an HTC Desire!)…what don’t you like about it? How’s email syncing going, for instance? Can it be set to sync automatically via Bluetooth? etc etc

    I’ll be gambling enough on the antenna out here in the sticks, and would prefer to have no other surprises!

    Thanks Andrew

  2. apricho says:

    Hi Anthony,
    I’m still happy with my magic. As far as email goes, I use gmail, and that sync works perfectly. It also syncs all my contacts and my calendar with google calendar so I don’t really ever sync it directly with my computer as such, it’s all kept online. I believe you can sync with outlook if you want to, but not sure how that works, or if it can do bluetooth. I had a quick look at a desire in a telstra store the other day and it is definitely a step up from the magic in terms of speed/size. The only thing I really miss is all the music that simone has bought from itunes, which I can’t access.

    If you’re just after a really smooth out of the box experience, I would have to say iphone probably wins. But Android isn’t far behind, and is definitely a bit more flexible.

    Hope that helps.

  3. Anthony Douglas says:

    Thanks Andrew. Nice to know that the sheen hasn’t worn off it, so to speak.

    We’re a bit too regional down here for me to feel comfortable about the iPhone’s antenna issues. As it is, I’m going to have to see if I can borrow one to test how the reception is out here. Plus, I’ve managed to eradicate any need to deal with Apple’s closed-shop approach to their products, so I’m not so keen to get roped back in…

  4. Anthony Douglas says:

    For the record, I went with the Desire. The day I got a missed call SMS message when I was inside our pantry was the camel-back-breaking straw. So far all well, though using LauncherPro to avoid all the Telstra supplied rubbish in the ROM.

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