Swype touchscreen keyboard

I have to mention this amazing new keyboard I have on my phone. It’s called swype, and it makes typing stuff on a touchscreen phone so much faster.

Unlike a normal keyboard where you have to touch the keys one by one, with swype you slide your finger from letter to letter to make each word. It does take a little while to get used to, but once you’ve got the idea it is much less sensitive to slight miss-hits on the keys, and much better at predicting what you really want to write.

As an example, I found this post quite comfortable to type using swype, but I would really have struggled to do something this long with a normal touchscreen keyboard.

It will be interesting to see if phone manufacturers start including a swype keyboard as a standard feature.

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One Response to Swype touchscreen keyboard

  1. I spotted this software a few weeks back, and despite not having tried it, I think they're on a winner. I'd be surprised if any smartphones were being released next year without it.

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