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Sunday Night at Scots

While I’m on a roll, this is a new poster for Sunday Night at Scots, our evening service. We’ve recently moved the service from our church hall back into our church building, and are also trying to include a couple … Continue reading

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A Hedghog concept for Churches

There’s an interesting article on the Sydney Anglicans website at the moment about the idea of ‘hedgehog concepts’ for churches. The hedgehog concept is a term coined by management guru Jim Collins to describe the thing that is most important … Continue reading

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Texting World Record

Apparently there is a new world record for texting on a touchscreen phone, and it was acheived using the ‘swype’ keyboard I’ve mentioned before. Franklin Page managed to type the following text in 35.54 seconds. “The razor-toothed piranhas of the … Continue reading

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The Atheist faith

There’s a good article in the Online Opinion journal comparing the charitable and transforming impulse of Christianity with the lack of anything similar for atheism. I understand this is not a complete argument for God, and I also want to … Continue reading

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Why does Paul go to Jerusalem?

I’m preaching on Acts 21-23 this week, where the apostle Paul travels for Jerusalem despite many prophecies warning him that he will face suffering and imprisonment when he gets there. The big question I have is ‘why is he so … Continue reading

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Have a little Faith

I read the book have a little faith by Mitch Albom recently. I think it’s pretty popular out there in the community, and I suspect it’s a good barometer for how many non hardline-atheist westerners think about faith in general, … Continue reading

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