A Hedghog concept for Churches

There’s an interesting article on the Sydney Anglicans website at the moment about the idea of ‘hedgehog concepts’ for churches. The hedgehog concept is a term coined by management guru Jim Collins to describe the thing that is most important to an organisation and that you need to stay focussed on with relentless discipline. He suggests that for non-profit organisations the hedgehog concept should be something you are deeply passionate about, something you can be the best in the world at, and something that drives your resource engine.

What was particularly interesting about Raj Gupta’s article at Sydney Anglicans was not so much the idea of the hedgehog concept itself, but rather the particular concept he was thinking about for his church. In a brave move he didn’t choose the most obvious answers of ‘Gospel’ or good ‘Bible teaching’ . He suggested ‘the welcoming and integrating of new people.’ You can read his article to see why. But it’s certainly go me thinking.

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