Sunday Night at Scots

While I’m on a roll, this is a new poster for Sunday Night at Scots, our evening service. We’ve recently moved the service from our church hall back into our church building, and are also trying to include a couple of more traditional elements in the service.

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  1. If it's not too late, and you don't want to ignore me (feel free), a couple of suggestions – though it's clearly top notch now.1)the gap after 'Bible' could be reduced if 'on' started the second line. The first line could make up for the loss, if you like, by inserting a comma after 'service' or changing 'A' to 'Our'.2) I'd shrink the header so that the left and right margins match the other text blocks. Rather than reducing point size, I'd probably replace 'every Sunday' with 'Sundays' or something.Please note, while sticking my oar in unsolicited, I refrained from suggesting that it should be 'supper and a cuppa'. ;-)Nice work though. I like the background particularly – I think it helps convey the feel you said the service is after.

  2. Thanks Anthony. Both good pickups. Alas, the posters are already printed. However if we ever do some flyers (which is possible), I'll definitely take the suggestions on board.

  3. Al Bain says:

    Andrew. I look after an evening service in Launceston.Tell me about yours? Do you preach the same sermon as in the morning (I don''t).Do some go to morning and night services (some do with me).Do you get any children along? (mine come, that's about it).Does it function as a separate congregation with, for example, its own small groups (ours doesn't).Is there a demographic you think you can attract?

  4. apricho says:

    Hi Al,
    Sorry I didn’t notice your questions earlier. The answers are: I do preach the same sermon morning and evening. We also have some repeat attenders. We sometimes get some teenagers – but I don’t really aim it at them. It doesn’t function as a separate congregation – We tried to get sunday night at scots growth group running this year, but the congregation really isn’t big enough. Judging by who comes to our service I actually think a key demographic could be people in their 50’s. Seems like young couples these days like the morning service so they can spend sunday evening relaxing and getting ready for monday. To be honest though we have really struggled to grow the congregation and it’s quite a mixed group.

    • Al Bain says:


      Thanks for that info. Sorry that I haven’t replied before now. I need to reply immediately rather than put “reply to Andrew’s comment” on a to do list.

      I’m operating in a very traditional setting where there is a hope on the part of Session that people will choose to come to church twice on Sunday to hear 2 different sermons. As a consequence I preach at the evening service and Peter preaches at the morning service.

      With 3 small kids it would actually be a lot easier if it were the other way round. But there is a feeling that the morning service (with the Rejoice hymnbook etc) is the main event. It is certainly the service at which the lions share of the offering is received.

      Meanwhile, God has blessed the evening service with growth. And we now have up to 90 attending, 70% of whom do not go to the morning service.

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