The Evil Origins of Rock…

Nathan has been reviewing a book about the evils of rock music. While it had covered many important points, I have been disappointed that the book seems to have
missed the most amazing argument against Rock that I’ve read – it’s demonic origins.

The argument goes like this: When Jesus cast out the demons from the ganessarene demoniac he cast them into the heard of pigs which ran down into the sea and died. This left the demons trapped in the sea and they swam around until they found the Caribbean Islands. Because these islands were small, it was easy for the demons to get out of the sea and possess people which they did. It was these demons that inspired the original development of rock in the Caribbean.

I don’t know about you, but I think Nathan’s man has a way to go before he tops that argument. Unfortunately I can’t remember the book where I read it, but as I’m sure you’ll appreciate I’ve never been able to think of rock music in the same way since…

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2 Responses to The Evil Origins of Rock…

  1. Dave says:

    Link doesn’t seem to be working for some reason Andrew… try this:

    Interesting that they found their way to the Caribbean when the Gerasenese are on Lake Galillee, which flows into the Dead Sea, which flows, well, nowhere.

  2. apricho says:

    Yes, one of many objections that could be made…There’s just so many it’s hard to know where to start.
    Link now works – and hope you’re feeling better Dave.

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