Got this flyer in my letterbox today. Maybe it’s just that I grew up next door to a refugee Camp and have seen the kind of poverty they’re trying to escape. But I find it despicable that people can use the suffering of refugees for their own gain.

Not sure if I’m talking about the people smugglers or the lnp.

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5 Responses to Despicable

  1. George says:

    Yep. Makes me want to vomit.

  2. Laetitia says:

    I got a similar one in my mail box today too. Don’t you just lurve the emotional blackmail language of this dreck? Not ‘asylum seekers’ no, they haven’t let go of ‘illegal immigrants’.

    What also gets up my nose is that the concentration on boat arrivals is simply because they’re a lot more visible than the ones who can afford a plane ticket and the bribe to gain a passport.

  3. Dave says:

    What I’m struggling to understand is why we don’t try to short-circuit the process ourselves – send a bunch more immigration staff to some of the major refugee camps and try to accelerate approvals for our regular annual intake, plus a permanent increase of percent. That way the gov’t du jour could maintain a secure border policy while still being compassionate to those who need it most – they can’t even afford people smugglers, let alone a plane ticket.

    Or would everyone see through that as a cynical vote-grabbing stunt?

    Someone’s going to have to explain to me why temporary protection visas are a bad thing. From the admittedly little that I’ve read about it, they seem like a reasonable policy.

  4. apricho says:

    Yes, Dave, I think that sounds like a constructive plan, and I’m sure there are other ideas out there. I don’t even object to the phrase ‘stop the people smugglers’ per se. What I really object to is the issue being used as a political football.

    It seems to me that using the plight of these people to get yourself elected is exactly the same in principle as using the plight of these poor people to make a quick buck by smuggling them to Australia.

  5. jon69 says:

    Agree with all of you that it’s disgusting. Asylum seeker policy is the only area in Australian law where we seem to think it’s OK to punish the victims of the crime (two crimes – in their home country, then when duped by people smugglers) and to detain people indefinitely.

    @Dave, the main problem is that there are millions of people in refugee camps (which are mostly chaotic, difficult places to live) and our refugee quota is only in the thousands, so improved processing OS wouldn’t solve the problem of people being stuck indefinitely in refugee camps. People risk the boat trip to short-circuit that.

    Re TPVs there were a number of issues. Firstly, TPV holders were restricted from access to various things like social security, English classes and various other forms of assistance and that made their lives more difficult. Secondly, being on a TPV kept them in limbo – for three years they didn’t know how to live their lives, they couldn’t put down any roots and settle into anything because they had no assurance of being able to stay or go – and the chance of being sent back to the place they had left in fear of their lives. This creates a kind of cultural separation which is the very opposite of good immigration – encouraging people to settle in, make their home here, become a productive and collaborative member of society.

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