Election Thoughts

Although it may be messy, I think a hung parlaiment is a fair result after the woeful campaign both parties ran. Hopefully some lessons will be learnt.

On a related subject, I’ve enjoyed hearing from independant Tony Windsor.  He seems sensible without being boring. Apparently he compared leaving the national party to giving up smoking…

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One Response to Election Thoughts

  1. gjware says:

    Watching some of ‘qanda’ was fascinating last night. I’ve never seen a panelist with a political background get the amount of silent deference that Windsor received last night. No interjections, no incisive retorts, not even any of Tony Jones usual ‘you would say that, you’re just a politician’ condescension.
    Even when he did not give a clear answer as to his preferred model for national broadband and basically affirmed what seemed to me to be Tony Abbott’s line on climate change.

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