I saw a post about this new presentation system on Craig’s blog and I just had to give it a go. Here’s the presentation from my talk on ‘Truths to turn to’ this morning.
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Truths To Turn To on Prezi

Initial assessment:

  • I think it helped people focus today – and was especially good for a topical talk with lots of Bible verses to project.
  • You can put up more text than a normal powerpoint
  • There is a very limited set of colours and fonts and I wonder if this would get boring after a few weeks.
  • at least one person thought Prezi was short for Presbyterian – gold!
  • took me longer than usual to put together the presentation, but I think that was mainly because I had never used it before.

I’ll probably give it another week or two and see how I go

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  1. chris l says:

    just tried it from beginning to end.
    could be quite a good way for someone to listen to a sermon and click through at the same time since it gives you something to do.
    hope it went well. sounds like a helpful series.

  2. Dave says:

    Looked good Andrew. I don’t think you need to be worried about limited colours and fonts – it’s easier to focus on the content if the style is consistent and not too flashy. I found it a little distracting yesterday, but that’s just because it was different. You’re right, it does seem very useful for helping people focus when there are lots of verses to look at.

  3. Anthony Douglas says:

    Thanks for not just doing a ‘have you heard about this’ post, but also providing an example!

    So – how did you use it? It looks like you can’t embed into PPT – or anything else, for that matter… – so how did it work? (I’m just inches away from being able to remotely freeze our projector image….oh, so close….)

    Looks like it could be a particularly worthwhile thing to try for services when it’s not expected – C & E, weddings etc.

  4. apricho says:

    Chris – Yes I think it does have some interesting online possibilities. I also wondered about using it to introduce your church on your website or something like that.

    Dave – let me know what you think after a couple of weeks. I think there is certianly the danger of distraction.

    Anthony – you can download the presentation as a stand alone flash file. Then I actually have a computer operator up the back who has a copy of the talk which is marked when he needs to click.

    I’m not sure if it will become a standard feature for my talks. But I’ll definitely be giving it a couple more goes.

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