The view from the Gateway bridge


Went for a ride to the top of the gateway bridge this morning. Great new bike path on the bridge, but horrible to get to – you have to ride down Kingsford Smith drive (one of the main truck routes in Brisbane if you’re not from around here).

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3 Responses to The view from the Gateway bridge

  1. gjware says:

    Looks brilliant. Far different from the days of catching the James Holt vehicular ferry across that section of the river.
    The big guard rails mean you can stop on top to take a picture without the SWAT team trying to stop you from jumping.
    So with two bridges is that eight lanes of traffic in either direction?
    I was in Melbourne last week and they’re finally installing a huge barrier along the West Gate Bridge. No-one will ever say how many people have ended their lives off it.
    I think you’d need oxygen for the exhaust fumes if you were to walk/ride over that one as well.

  2. jon69 says:

    You can also get to it from the south, riding through Bulimba along Lytton Rd which is a little more pleasant.

  3. apricho says:

    Hey, thanks for that link Jon – looks really good – I might have to give it a try.

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