Bible Reading Resources

I recently compiled a short list of Bible reading resources and so I thought I’d share them here with a few comments

1. This first link is just another collection of links to online Bible reading plans. One thing that you might find useful is that you can subscribe to many of them and have the readings delivered to your email or google reader account each day. I find this a helpful prompt to do the readings. The other nice thing is they are free.

Personal Bible Reading Plans for 2012

2. If you actually want a short guided Bible Study to assist you with your Bible reading, these explore studies look interesting. I haven’t used them myself but the sample looks good and the list of contributors also promises some insightful studies.

Explore Daily Bible Studies

3. The Discipleship Journal Bible reading plan is a read the Bible in a year plan where you read some OT, some wisdom literature, some Gospel and some Epistle each day. It’s also arranged in groups of 25 monthly readings which gives you a chance to catch up if you miss a few days. You can download a printable version from the list in the first link above, but if you’re a bit of a phone nerd like me then you can get an app on your phone. It’s simple, clean and easy to use, and it’s what I’m using for my Bible reading this year. Too bad if you’re an iphone user – as far as I could see this one is only for Android (and it’s free)

Discipleship Journal Bible Reading app for your Android Phone

4. Explore daily Bible Reading app for
iphone Android



5. As our kids get older this becomes a bit more challenging in that they have already read all the Bible stories and so you need to go a bit further in discussing what they’re all about. I’ve used a couple of these table talk studies, and I think they provide a good place to start if you’ve got older primary kids

Reading the Bible with your family

6. I’m encouraging people at church to consider reading the Bible regularly with someone else. For some people this is a bit daunting, especially if you’ve never done it before. This little book from Matthias Media goes through the basics. It’s not rocket science, but it tells you everything you need to know.

One to One Bible Reading: a simlple guide for every Christian

7. One thing I find challenging with one to one ministry is deciding what to read. Since our Bible Study groups already look at the sermon passage for the week, it seems overkill to look at it again in one to one. But then it’s difficult to keep track of lots of other readings. This little booklet is an interesting approach that gives a very simple starting point for discussion on (literally) an A-Z of Biblical topics. I have to admit I like the concept more than the actual execution – sometimes the topic seems A LOT BIGGER than the one verse you’re reading. But if you’re looking for something to do 1-1 you should still give these a look.

Short steps for long gains 1-1 studies

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