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Engaging with Culture in 1 Peter

I’ve been preaching through 1 Peter at church this term. One of the challenges has been the huge emphasis on suffering for the sake of the Gospel. How do you apply this in a situation where we face very little … Continue reading

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The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert by Rosaria Champagne Butterfield

Read and enjoyed this book last week. It certainly is an unlikely conversion story, honestly told, and particularly relevant in the midst of our culture’s changing approach to sexuality. Easy read on your Kindle device or app:

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Bible Reading Resources

I recently compiled a short list of Bible reading resources and so I thought I’d share them here with a few comments 1. This first link is just another collection of links to online Bible reading plans. One thing that … Continue reading

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Changing Presbyterian Light Bulbs

You’ve probably heard the old one about how many Presbyterians it takes to change a light-bulb – ‘Change! we don’t change anything.’ Well I’m about to put that theory to the test. I and a couple of other guys have … Continue reading

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Speaking Freely

Good to see Tony Payne spelling out the Bible’s opposition to homosexual sex and other related issues over at The Briefing. Seems to me that an important way to keep free speech open on this issue is to keep speaking … Continue reading

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More on the sky falling in

So, to give a specific example of the kind of worried reaction to the Andrew Bolt conviction by some Christians. I received a forwarded email from the Saltshakers organisation who had this to say: The Judgement returned in the Andrew Bolt case, which … Continue reading

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The sky is not falling…

There’s been a lot of handwringing from many Christians about the recent conviction of Andrew Bolt on racial discrimination charges. There seems to be a fear that the sky is falling in and all christians are now going to be … Continue reading

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Australian Church Growth Research

This video is an interview with the guy who conducted the research I have been discussing in my previous posts on Why aren’t we growing. Fascinating stuff. I especially appreciate his comment that pretty much all one hundred church growth … Continue reading

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Psalm 119 Prezi

Preached on Psalm 119 Yesterday. Don’t think it was a fantastic talk overall, but I do think that a Wordle is an awesome way to get your head around the meaning of this psalm. I think it’s a few key … Continue reading

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The Lord’s Prayer

Preached on Matthew 6:1-18 on Sunday which includes the Lord’s Prayer. One thing I hadn’t noticed before is how closely linked the prayer is to the Beatitudes. Our Father in Heaven… Your Kingdom Come Blessed are the poor in Spirit/persecuted … Continue reading

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