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Speaking Freely

Good to see Tony Payne spelling out the Bible’s opposition to homosexual sex and other related issues over at The Briefing. Seems to me that an important way to keep free speech open on this issue is to keep speaking … Continue reading

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More on the sky falling in

So, to give a specific example of the kind of worried reaction to the Andrew Bolt conviction by some Christians. I received a forwarded email from the Saltshakers organisation who had this to say: The Judgement returned in the Andrew Bolt case, which … Continue reading

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The sky is not falling…

There’s been a lot of handwringing from many Christians about the recent conviction of Andrew Bolt on racial discrimination charges. There seems to be a fear that the sky is falling in and all christians are now going to be … Continue reading

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Election Thoughts

Although it may be messy, I think a hung parlaiment is a fair result after the woeful campaign both parties ran. Hopefully some lessons will be learnt. On a related subject, I’ve enjoyed hearing from independant Tony Windsor.  He seems … Continue reading

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Got this flyer in my letterbox today. Maybe it’s just that I grew up next door to a refugee Camp and have seen the kind of poverty they’re trying to escape. But I find it despicable that people can use … Continue reading

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Great thoughts on the election

I doubt there are too many readers here who don’t also read Nathan’s blog,  but in case you missed it, I thought this was a really thoughtful post about voting as a Christian.

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All at Sea – Our thinking about ‘boat people’

I’ve been meaning to put together a few thoughts on the subject of boat people – or more correctly asylum seekers for some time, and I was prompted to get into action by an excellent editorial in the Australian Newspaper. … Continue reading

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Swype touchscreen keyboard

I have to mention this amazing new keyboard I have on my phone. It’s called swype, and it makes typing stuff on a touchscreen phone so much faster. Unlike a normal keyboard where you have to touch the keys one … Continue reading

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5 Reasons Patriotism is Wrong

1. It’s thinking your country is superior to every other, which is both deluded and proud. 2. It inhibits critical reflection on what is good and bad about your culture. 3. It’s selfishly putting what is good for me and … Continue reading

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