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Engaging with Culture in 1 Peter

I’ve been preaching through 1 Peter at church this term. One of the challenges has been the huge emphasis on suffering for the sake of the Gospel. How do you apply this in a situation where we face very little … Continue reading

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Psalm 119 Prezi

Preached on Psalm 119 Yesterday. Don’t think it was a fantastic talk overall, but I do think that a Wordle is an awesome way to get your head around the meaning of this psalm. I think it’s a few key … Continue reading

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The Lord’s Prayer

Preached on Matthew 6:1-18 on Sunday which includes the Lord’s Prayer. One thing I hadn’t noticed before is how closely linked the prayer is to the Beatitudes. Our Father in Heaven… Your Kingdom Come Blessed are the poor in Spirit/persecuted … Continue reading

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Romans 3:21-26

I think these 5 verses are some of the most analysed in the whole Bible, and they were exactly the kind verses that made me wait so long before preaching on Romans. Almost every word in every verse has a … Continue reading

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More on ‘the saints’ in Romans 1:7

I think I might be changing my view on who Romans was written to! Reading the Bible with one of the guys from church on Thursday who presented a pretty compelling argument that Paul directly addresses Jewish background Christians frequently … Continue reading

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‘the saints’ in Romans 1:7

I’ve been convinced by the argument of Donald Robinson and others that when Paul refers to ‘the saints’ in his letters, he is most often referring to Christians from a Jewish background, and especially those in Jerusalem. This however does … Continue reading

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The widow of Tekoa – good or bad advice.

In 2 Samuel 13 Joab sends a woman to talk to David and persuade him to be reconciled with his son Absalom. Absalom is in exile because he has killed his brother Amnon who had raped his sister Tamar. My … Continue reading

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Biblical Theology in 2 Samuel 10

2 Samuel 10, which I’m preaching on this weekend, is an interesting chapter. It gives the account of David reaching out with kindness (Hebrew hesed) to a gentile King, Hunan the Ammonite. Hunan however does not reciprocate the kindness and … Continue reading

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Why does Paul go to Jerusalem?

I’m preaching on Acts 21-23 this week, where the apostle Paul travels for Jerusalem despite many prophecies warning him that he will face suffering and imprisonment when he gets there. The big question I have is ‘why is he so … Continue reading

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Acts 15

I’m preaching on Acts 15 this week, which is the big discussion the early church had about wether Gentile christians were required too follow the law of Moses in order to be saved. The tricky part of the passage is … Continue reading

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