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I made Nathan a Mexican

Couldn’t resist helping with this. I used the free Gimp program, which is actually pretty powerful. I’m considering switching to it from my old version of Corel Photopaint, which has served me well, but is starting to show it’s age … Continue reading

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Phone Hacking

I indulged the inner nerd today and hacked my phone. I now have the latest version of android installed (known as froyo or 2.2). This means I can install the latest apps and it has a number of cool features … Continue reading

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Election Thoughts

Although it may be messy, I think a hung parlaiment is a fair result after the woeful campaign both parties ran. Hopefully some lessons will be learnt. On a related subject, I’ve enjoyed hearing from independant Tony Windsor.  He seems … Continue reading

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Romans 3:21-26

I think these 5 verses are some of the most analysed in the whole Bible, and they were exactly the kind verses that made me wait so long before preaching on Romans. Almost every word in every verse has a … Continue reading

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Martin Luther on the Book of Romans

It is worthy not only that every Christian should know it word for word, by heart, but occupy himself with it every day, as the daily bread of the soul. It can never be read or pondered too much, and … Continue reading

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More on ‘the saints’ in Romans 1:7

I think I might be changing my view on who Romans was written to! Reading the Bible with one of the guys from church on Thursday who presented a pretty compelling argument that Paul directly addresses Jewish background Christians frequently … Continue reading

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Got this flyer in my letterbox today. Maybe it’s just that I grew up next door to a refugee Camp and have seen the kind of poverty they’re trying to escape. But I find it despicable that people can use … Continue reading

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Latte Art

My best effort yet!

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Great thoughts on the election

I doubt there are too many readers here who don’t also read Nathan’s blog,  but in case you missed it, I thought this was a really thoughtful post about voting as a Christian.

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