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Top five preaching tips

Hope this isn’t too serious for a top 5 post. Seems relevant being Sunday and all… 1. Preach the one big idea from a Bible passage2. Help your congregation connect with the passage in a meaningful way3. Apply the passage … Continue reading

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Twitter vs facebook updates

From my extremely limited experience of tweeting and facebook updating, I think that the difference is one of quantity versus quality. You can tweet anything any time in any situation. There is not really any sense of etiquette being breached … Continue reading

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Top 5 windows mobile programs

Thought I’d join in Ben’s top five fun 1. Iphone Today UI2. Evernote note taker3. opera mini browser4. copilot live GPS5. S2P music player

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Antique Theology Flyer

Happy with the flyer – now I just need some content!

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Antique Theology

I’m going to try a historical theology sermon series at church next term. Having never done anything like this before, and being something less than an expert historian it’s going to be a challenge. Hopefully I’ll be able to pull … Continue reading

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Priorities for single staff pastors

Old but good post I came accross here from CJ Mahaney from Soveriegn grace ministries. Very wise advice from my experience. Although I’m now looking for the post on how to actually do what I’ve prioritised.

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Recipe – Chicken and Bacon stuff

Well, I’ve been tagged by Simone to provide a recipe. I think I’ll just have to give the one for what we had last night. It’s a Simone special, designed for dinner last night, and it was good enough for … Continue reading

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