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Marathon in six weeks and I’ve hit the injury wall

You may have noticed a distinct lack of training posts lately. That’s because the news is all bad. A hip injury combined with a very stressful, wet week last week means I’ve hardly been running at all in the last … Continue reading

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Would your ethics be different if you weren’t a Christian?

This is a question raised by Richard Dawkins and others in arguments about whether athiests have any good foundation for their ethics. The argument goes that Christian (or other religious people) say they wouldn’t rape or murder even if they … Continue reading

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Just like an Iphone

I’ve previously blogged on some of the programs I like to mess about with on my phone. My latest favourite is Ifonz, a program which changes the boring old fashioned Windows Mobile interface (left screenshot) into a trendy, finger friendly, … Continue reading

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Rugby League Sex Scandal and the Moral Zeitgeist

Philip Jensen has written a helpful article highlighting the hypocrisy in the way many people have reacted to the NRL sex scandal – not that the players weren’t wrong in the way they treated the poor woman – but the … Continue reading

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The Holy Spirit and…

Some final thoughts on the role of the Holy Spirit in Acts. I found a helpful observation in the little book ‘Engaging with the Holy Spirit’ by Graham Cole, which originally comes from Broughton Knox. In Luke-Acts, the expression filled … Continue reading

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Door Knocking

On Saturday we did some door-knocking for the first time since I’ve been at Clayfield. Our aim was to invite people to ‘Open Church’ services which we are holding next Sunday, and the three pairs who participated received a very … Continue reading

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New Shoes

Simone and I enjoyed spending some time together today. Among other things we went shoe shopping. It’s only six months since I got my last pair, but when you are training for a marathon you wear down shoes remarkably fast. … Continue reading

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Happy with that

Just ran 20.18km in 1:31.

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Training update

My marathon training has been a bit like my blogposting recently – not very regular. I have continued to struggle with some soreness in my right hamstring as well as with a very busy couple of weeks. This week however … Continue reading

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More on Filled with the Spirit

Continuing to follow the ‘full of the Spirit’ language as I’m working through Acts in our current sermon series. In Acts 6, the apostles make ‘being full of the Spirit and wisdom’ a requirement for the 7 men who are … Continue reading

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