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5 Reasons Patriotism is Wrong

1. It’s thinking your country is superior to every other, which is both deluded and proud. 2. It inhibits critical reflection on what is good and bad about your culture. 3. It’s selfishly putting what is good for me and … Continue reading

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New font

Here’s my Acts graphic with a different font. It’s supposed to have an ‘International’ feel. Now for some studies to go with the cover page!

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Graphic for Acts 13-28 Series

Here’s a draft copy of some publicity for my Acts 13-28 series (hence the watermarks). Not completely convinced about the graphic though. Any thoughts?

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New mobile phone browser

Mmm – ironic. I was just doing a blog post about my cool new mobile phone browser that makes it easy to do blog posts, and it crashed my phone! Still, it is a cool browser. It resizes things almost … Continue reading

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I’m hopeless at this kind of thing.

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Gospel on the Go

While I’m on a role tonight, I think I have a title for my Acts series this term – Gospel on the Go: The journey of the gospel to the ends of the earth. Of course that title could apply … Continue reading

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Is it better to be wrong or non-commital

Read an interesting comment in an interview wifh American theologian and historian Carl Trueman the other day. Talking about the issue of truth and doctrine he says ‘There are some things that it is more important to be wrong about … Continue reading

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Bizarre Swimming Experience

Went and did some laps this afternoon and had a very strange experience at the pool. When I got out my eyesight was completely blurry – so much so that I could hardly even find my way over to where … Continue reading

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Preaching on Acts

I’m working on my talk series for term one at the moment. It is the second half of Acts. Haven’t got anything too concrete yet, but my breakdown is as follows: Acts 13-14 Paul’s First Missionary JourneyActs 15:1-35 The Jerusalem … Continue reading

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